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J.S. Bach's Manuscripts

Art Print: Cello Suites 2, Sarabande

Art Print: Cello Suites 2, Sarabande

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A stunning print of the Sarabande from J.S. Bach's Cello Suite 2 from the manuscript by the hand of Anna Magdalena Bach, faithfully recreated to capture the very essence of the original. Every curve of the inked quill and delicate stroke of the pen has been thoughtfully preserved, so you can savor the same artistic beauty that graced the pages of history.

We've poured hours of love and devotion into digitally replicating the exquisite calligraphy of Anna Magdalena Bach, breathing new life into this timeless masterpiece.

And where does this masterpiece shine? It's showcased on none other than genuine Italian Amalfi cotton paper. Renowned for its unrivaled quality and texture, it elevates your wall art to a whole new level of authenticity.

The print is expertly wrapped around a sturdy 6mm backing, ensuring it's not just a feast for your eyes but also hassle-free to display in your space.

This piece measures 26 by 18.5.

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